Hardwood, engineered hardwood or laminate? You decide. – Wilmington DIY Home Improvement

When choosing a hard flooring surface for your home it is important to be informed of the differences in materials and to just know what you are looking at. There are different features that make each type of flooring unique, so here is hardwood flooring planks rundown of the most important things to know.

Laminate is a totally man-made product. It is usually a fiberboard core that has a veneer attached that is printed to look like wood. Laminate comes in a large variety of colors, thicknesses and widths. Laminate is also super durable and is a great choice is you have pets or children. It is easy to clean and maintain. If your laminate does get damaged you can not sand it down or repair it with wood putty, the boards have to be replaced.

Hardwood flooring is just what it’s name says- a solid piece of hardwood that is usually prefinished. You can also buy unfinished hardwood and stain it yourself, but it’s easier to buy a prefinished product. Hardwood has a beauty that adds character and warmth to your home, but it does require a little more maintenance. Hardwood is more easily dented and marked by pet toenails (you dog owners know what this means) and also can be dented when something is dropped on it. Hardwood can be refinished down the road, so if you decide you want a new color you can have it sanded down and stained without needing to replace the entire floor.

Engineered hardwood is what you would get if laminate and hardwood had a baby. It is a fiberboard base with a hardwood veneer attached. This gives it the insulation, and noise reduction of laminate while keeping the look of hardwood. This means you can get more variety in the wood tones through the actual grain of the wood instead of a printed pattern like what you get with laminate. Usually an engineered hardwood can be sanded down and refinished one time, but with it being a veneer the actual layer of hardwood is very thin.

These are just the basic differences in the three types of flooring. You should take time to visit a flooring showroom to see the product before you decide which one to go with. Do your research and ask a professional and they can help you decide which product will fit with your lifestyle. Are you looking for an epoxy garage floor that actually lives up to your expectations? Then you have found cement floor tile right place, Amazing Garage Floors! http://www.amazing-garage-floors.comYou can also check out the DIY Network glue for wood floors for information and tutorials on installation if you want to install your new flooring yourself.